Originally from Canada, James Galbraith is a colourist based in Aberdeen, Scotland. James is available remotely via Davinci Remote Monitoring/Louper.io/Frame.io or any other favoured means of getting clean feeds to clients.

James understands that every project has a unique and distinct vision from the start and LOVES to collaborate with directors and cinematographers alike to ensure each frame is as beautiful as the next. Working on Davinci Resolve, James has graded commercials, music videos, documentaries and award winning short narrative films and is always in search of projects that he resonates with. Recently he graded his first feature length film "Honest Without Fear" which will be hitting the festival circuit 2024.

Along with spinning the wheels on his control panel, James enjoys getting to know the people he works with and always wonders whether he is a "Colorist" or "Colourist". From just shooting the shit, talking films or getting into the nitty gritty technical side of what he does, he is always looking to provide a personal and professional experience for his clients.

If you have a project in pre-production or it's nearly ready for the grade, feel free to contact him at james@jg-films.com.